Nerding with Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi

  • I want to make a Raspberry Pi kiosk that allows the user to view and edit files from a usb storage device or the cloud. For example, allowing you plug in your camera and move files to Google Drive.

  • I'd like to annoy my teenage son, using Pi Hol and a web interface to block all his web traffic every 30 minutes until he completes some random math sums or other quizzes.

  • I never had a raspberry Pi, would love to test some linux on it with probably Debian and Vivaldi on it. Hopefully I ll be the lucky winner!!!!

  • Using Ras Pi as a magic turn on/off button for PC remotely! Controlled by your phone/laptop through a VPN. That's it, easy to say, however, actually I need much more knowledge to implement that plan, involving both coding, Arduino, electronic and mechanic skill (to control a crane to push the button and release)

  • I'd like to use a Rasp Pi with camera to look at Sudoku like puzzles and solve them. I think some sort of AI would be required and ideally I'd like to use Python. Then taking that the stage further, use it as the basis of an extension for Vivaldi to solve on-screen puzzles.

  • I want a Raspberry PI to help with some office automation. We have a video projector that currently has to be switched on by an Infrared remote control. I want to have a service running on a Pi that uses LIRC to send the Infrared to the projector when it's called via the office intranet...eventually I'd have the office chatbot send the request to the Raspberry Pi.

  • Vivaldi Team

    Wow!! All these entries are totally awesome! You always put us in an impossible situation! We are thrilled that you have such amazing ideas and projects in the pipeline! And some of you have even already implemented them. The Raspberry Pi fans in our office are very tempted to try a few of these ideas!

    But in a contest, there always has to be a winner! So here it is:


    Congratulations! 😊 And keep us posted if you get to complete your project with your new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+! (And yes, we’ll have Vivaldi installed on it)

    But wait, don’t go away yet! We were serious when we said that it’s hard to pick a winner! That’s why we have a great Vivaldi goodie bag for each one of the contestants. 🎁 Among other things, it has our fantastic Vivaldi multi-tool:

    To claim your prizes, please send me your address through the forum chat (direct message) and we’ll get everything to you in no time!

  • Vivaldi Team

    @sirfredrick: Congratulations:-) We all loved it!!!

  • @varsha: Thanks for the contest and super cool that everyone gets a Vivaldi goodie bag :)! How exactly does one open the chat? It says you have restricted the chat function.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @brawl: Hey! The chat is open. Please do write in:-) Apologies on the inconvenience.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @silhoette: Hello hello! It is all figured out! Waiting for your direct message 🙂 The chat is open.....

  • @varsha: Still doesn't work ^^' I am clicking the right button am I? On your profile top right the three dots -> continue your chat (or how it's called in english)

  • Moderator

    @varsha I'm glad you all liked it! I'm also having trouble with the direct message. It says that the chat is restricted unless you follow me. I think there's a profile setting in the forum you can change so that's not a problem! Hope you can figure it out! I can't wait to get my new Raspberry Pi!

  • @varsha: Still doesn't work btw.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @sirfredrick: Hi!My chat settings are not anymore restricted. Try now, please. I did sed you a message too:-)

  • Now it works! 😃 Sent.

  • Hello, I am brand new to raspberry pi (just came in the post Monday)! I haven't done projects yet but have Vivaldi up and running.

  • Hi....It's conduct seems like 30% better than Chromium under Raspbian Stretch! I'm very shocked!

    The terrible thing still Youtube and requesting HW increasing speed pages when all is said in done. Be that as it may, for eMail, organizing it is quite in a way that is better than Chromium!

    1 tab in Chromium = +/ - 270mb

    2 tabs in Vivaldi = +/ - 280mb

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