Nerding with Vivaldi on a Raspberry Pi

  • Vivaldi Team

    Are you a Raspberry Pi enthusiast? Here’s a way to show off your pet projects and win a Raspberry Pi Model 3+ set! We’ve got a great contest for Pi Day. Read on.

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  • a pizza with radius z and thickness a has volume v = pi×z×z×a 😃

  • I recently created a Photobooth for my best friends wedding using a Raspberry PI, Touchscreen, Camera Module V2, and open-source software! My code and pictures are available on my GitHub at

  • Twitter bot that prints live tweets in english that contain the words "Trump" + "love" or "Tump" + "hate". Thermal printer, Raspberry Pi 2, wifi dongle.

  • I want to make a custom media center running Emby using Vivaldi!!

  • I never had a Pi but always wanted one! I'm programming various Telegram Messenger bots, like an RSS reader or a breaking news bot. Would love to host them on a Pi. Of course other projects would also be cool, like a simple file server.

  • While I originally envisioned getting a Pi to explore linux and networking. I've now ended up working on a sort of micro-controller project. I've been trying to create a temperature controlled space. If I can build a space that maintains a stable 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 months I can produce the coveted black garlic. Which is supposed to have a very unique flavor due to slowly undergoing the maillard which is a reaction between the proteins and sugars.

    Interestingly black garlic lacks that characteristic garlic flavor because the enzyme alliinase doesn't get a chance to convert alliin into that characteristic compound allicin. But black garlic takes a long time and although people have used dehydrators, ovens, and instant pots to create black garlic they're all relatively inefficient. If you'd like to know more, or learn the same info from someone more charismatic, Bon Apetit did a great video on black garlic here:

    Anyways, thanks for creating Vivaldi; I look forward to seeing what other users are up.

  • @snevets Awesome idea.

  • I already posted it in the Pi Projects forum, but I wanted to post it here as well. Please check out my blog post about a Raspberry Pi Portable Gaming Console!

  • Why would you run any Chromium based browser on anything that has less than 8GB RAM?

  • Funny, I was thinking about a project I wanted to pull off all day yesterday but I don't have a Raspberry Pi, then I saw this post today. Hope I'm not too late.

    See I want to create a miniature vintage TV set and VCR where entering various miniature tapes will trigger a video playing on a small screen within the miniature TV. Of course the tapes won't be real, but I was thinking something like triggers or NFC. I'd like to use a Pi to control this system and for playing video files. I also want to have a TV broadcast mode and teletext, both available on the web using Vivaldi of course.

  • I recently (well, it was last year) implemented a "video jukebox" on the RasPi: Using an SD card full of H.264-encoded video files in up to 1080p resolution, it plays clip after clip and can be remote-controlled with a web interface.

    This is a nice thing for parties, for example: The clips can be e.g. music videos, comedy sketches, or demoscene demos (see, and users can influence the playlist with their mobile phones.

    The code is public:

  • Mine is not a nerdy project but a sensible one: I'm moving my websites from os X (10.6) to a raspbian based server to increase security. #selfhost #decentralise

  • Since everybody posted here and not on facebook, i'll just repost what i wrote there:

    My plan is to build a wheather station together with my son. The wheather information will be stored and displayed in nice graphs on a html page. For that project two Raspberry Pis will be used. One will be headless and provides the data. The second one will be display the weather data. Maybe i will even go so far and build a magic mirror like screen.

    Additional thoughts:
    For the whaether data i wont even need a second Raspberry Pi. Recently saw a project with ESP8266 modules. So just one Raspberry Pi for hosting the data and providing a web-Page to show everything...

  • I’ve had a plan for a while to turn my RPi-Zero into a 🌱 Plant Tricorder 📟 of sorts, with inputs for soil humidity/acidity and perhaps a lightmeter 🌻, simple audio and LED outputs 🚦, and species-appropriate data logging and care guidance 🖖

    So far, I just have the design of the case 😊

  • Not my project but my fathers (so if this one wins the Raspberry Pi would go to him):

    My father is brewing his own beer. He is still experimenting and the results vary a lot. He plans to build an automation for his gear with temperature regulation and everything. For This project he wants to use a Raspberry Pi.

    I really hope this works because i dread everytime he wants me to taste his latest attempt. Not every beer tastes good...

  • Going to hook up a video camera and use it to record my kid at goalie practices to review what hes learning. This way he can continue to improve his skills and then I wont have to pay for the extra learning that he wants to take

  • Vivaldi Translator

    i have a sega dreamcast and the community is creating softwares with raspberry 3 in mind to resurrect the online part of the dreamcast so the community can play together, cause you know, the community is important 😉

  • As a IT Student I would love to have a PI to practice and learn a lot with it.
    There are several Ideas I wanted to try with a PI for a while, so this would be a great opportunity 😊
    I would like to build a private media/dns/cloud Server .
    I would like to build a own cloud server combined with a Pi-Hole and maybe install Kodi as well. This would be awesome, I think, if I get it to work as I think of it 🤷🏻♂😜
    Best wishes and greeting from Germany to the whole team and the community. You guys rock 🤘🏻

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