• I think I had heard something about it a part of Google or its system? The reason for my concern is that there is a lot of talk now that in the Chrome browser that there is an embedded link about "OK Google" and that technically they, "google" can turn on the microphone remotely and that "they" can listen to any conversations within a short range of the computer. Therefore the reason for my concern. I want nothing to do with Google or its minions. Thank you, Joel

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    Chromium was invented by Google, and is largely written and maintained by them. It is open source. Its branch project, the browser engine Blink, is the basis for the Google Chrome Browser, also largely written and maintained by Google (certainly its development is hosted on their servers). Vivaldi is also built on Blink.

    My understanding is that this module is currently disabled in all Blink and Blink-derivative browsers and that, in fact, the option to turn it on does not even exist in Vivaldi. Presently, I think a browser-maker has to consciously add this module and that, further, the user has to enable the flag for it to work.


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