[FIXED] Right-click on tab,then Left-click: tab-scrolling gets locked on until you right-click again

  • Right clicking on a tab, then left-clicking confuses Vivaldi into thinking the right mouse button still pressed, so if you mouse-scroll, it triggers the newly introduced tab-scroling functionality instead of normal page scrolling. You have to right click again somewhere to get Vivaldi to register that you've released the right mouse button. Vivaldi [color=#00bb00]Edit: Fixed in [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/35-snapshot-1-0-212-on-our-way-to-tp4]snapshot 1.0.212[/url] (VB-7289 - Mouse scroll wheel tab switching reverted with rmb)[/color]

  • Exactly. I realized this almost immediately after installing the new update.


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