[BUG] Dragging pinned tabs onto other tabs cause glitches

  • Dropping pinned tabs onto stacks triggers a bunch of glitches. I've made some screen recordings to illustrate. Attempting do drag a pinned tab onto another usually activates a "nuh-uh" left/right motion, [url=http://i.imgur.com/7Zjt1RB.gif?not-always-nuh-uh][u][b]but not always[/b][/u][/url]. I assume the negative-gesturing motion was supposed to signify that the pinned tabs are not supposed to be stackable, but if you drop to the right spot on the left, [url=http://i.imgur.com/mzcOhPS.gif?hybrid-stack][u][b]you can make a hybrid stack[/b][/u][/url] that is pinned or unpinned depending on which of the grouped tabs is selected. Attempting to stack pinned tabs can also cause tabs to be [url=http://i.imgur.com/Im6ZEdR.gif?tab-shifted-right][u][b]shifted right[/b][/u][/url] or [url=http://i.imgur.com/gDuzJbg.giftab-shifted-left][u][b]shifted left[/b][/u][/url]. Vivaldi version

  • I get this same issue, and it's massively frustrating [currently the most frustrating bug I continue to experience].

    The shifting effect is much more extreme when you have many tabs open, and it spreads them far apart and certain tabs just "vanish" despite technically still being there.

    I'm unsure whether to just describe my problem in detail here, or to start a new thread specifically about my issue, but I'm replying here just to add another frustrating voice to this problem.

    Vivaldi Version

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    The bug is known and was already reported in bugtracker.

    restarting Vivaldi helps.


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