[Update: bug fixed] In Prefs, typing in search box always results in Tabs/Keyboard Categories shown

  • In Preferences, typing in the search box, in addition to bringing up relevant results, among them always includes "TABS" "KEYBOARD" "Keyboard Shortcuts" "Restore Default Keys" ...whether or not they match anything you typed. You can easily confirm this for yourself without wading through correct matches, by typing in gobbledygook that should match nothing. Seen in version . 2015.07.08 edit: In [url=https://vivaldi.net/en-US/blogs/teamblog/item/36-vivaldi-browser-snapshot-1-0-219-3-clean-speed-dial]Snapshot[/url], this has been [i]partly[/i] fixed. That is: "Tabs" No longer shows up for no reason. "KEYBOARD", "Keyboard Shortcuts", and "Restore Default Keys" are still appearing no matter what you type. [color=#00bb00][b]2015.09.10 Edit: [url=https://vivaldi.net/blogs/teamblog/item/51-snapshot-1-0-270-16-settings-in-a-tab-and-improved-progress-indicator#changelog]Snapshot[/url] fixes this ("VB-7294 Filtering preferences displays unrelated UI fragments")[/b][/color]


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