Brand New UI Problems

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    TABS - tabs on right side no longer compress to accommodate more than will fit vertically. Instead, the excess tabs are just invisible - either hiding behind other tabs, or stretching out of frame - can't tell which for sure. Transparent tabs are unpredictably sometimes transparent and sometimes not. BOOKMARKS BAR - I prefer the light UI to dark, but now you have removed the medallions/outlines around the favicons, and the color of the bar is so light that there is no contrast between the bar and folders on the bar, making them nearly invisible. The color of the bar is OK, but there needs to be a medallion around the favicons as in the prior build, OR, the color of the folders needs to be adjusted to pop out from the bar a bit more. A bit ago, I opened a new Speed Dial and suddenly everything on the bookmarks bar vanished except the folders. I fiddled with the bookmarks bar settings until the favicons reappeared, and they have not vanished again (yet) but this obviously needs to be stabilized. UI COLOR - it seems to be possible to have colored UI without colored tabs, or colored tabs with colored UI (if you turn on tab color, UI gets color, too). It's not possible, as nearly as I can tell, to get colored tabs and gray UI. TITLE BAR - with "light" setting the bar is still too dark to be using black text. The bar needs lightened more for "light" setting or the text needs to be white.

  • @ayespy

    Oh, expect to discover a lot more.

    You asked earlier why the snapshot was delayed, well now you can reply to yourself ;)

    A jump of three Chromium versions has advantages, but is a relatively big jump and obviously there is a price to pay for that.

    Anyway I'm using the colored tabs on dark theme w/o any problem.

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    Oh, expect to discover a lot more.

    You asked earlier why the snapshot was delayed, well now you can reply to yourself ;)

    A jump of three Chromium versions has advantages, but is a relatively big jump and obviously there is a price to pay for that.

    Anyway I'm using the colored tabs on dark them w/o any problem.

    Yeah. It appears the jump to Chromium 44 is what bottled things up. Obviously, with such a significant change, we will see any number of regressions and new bugs. I will, as is my habit, speak up on whatever I notice. No reports of bugs ought to be interpreted as me being surprised, upset or dissatisfied - just observant.

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    But wait! There's more! I could have SWORN that the prior builds marked the active tab by turning it black or dark gray. In this version, active is WHITE, which basically means, against the backdrop of mostly-white thumbs on vertical tabs, INVISIBLE. I hope the default "active" state returns to something visible when tabs are at the side.

  • hmm, no white-on-white here… You haven't added any custom.css?

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    Nope. Nothing of that sort at all. I am using a light grey system theme, plus the "light" theme for Vivaldi, tab and UI colors turned off, tab thumbnails on, and tabs on the right. Inactive tabs are a medium gray, and active tab is white. Next to the basically-white thumbnail of a page, the white active tab has exactly zero contrast. Windows 8.1 x64, with 32-bit Vivaldi.

    Edit - I guess the active tab is not white, but light-light-light-light gray. On my monitor, unless I stand up to change the view angle, the pigment is so light as to be non-existent.

  • Hmm, mine look like this:


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    Where's the page thumbnail? In my UI the page thumbnail is contiguous with the tab. Do you have thumbs turned off?

  • ~~It was pinned.



  • It was pinned.



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    Cheating. That's a page with a black bar across the top. Now try it on the tab right below that.

    And also, your UI is darker than mine. Using the "light" interface?

  • Ups, sorry I have a custom.css which colors the panel.
    Here is without:


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    So you have two pages in a row with black bars across the top. None of the pages in my un-pinned list have any strong horizontal top element so you can see hope the tab would disappear into the page.

  • How about this one:


    Suggestion: You post your screen


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    Soooo, ennyway, more fun with UIs! When the number of tabs on the right side exceeds the height available, then sometimes the status bar will detach from the bottom of the UI and crawl up the screen incrementally with each added tab. It only takes a couple of tabs beyond vertical capacity to get the status bar more than an inch off the bottom. What an adjustable interface!

  • Yepp, noticed this on the left as well. But there is a an item in the Know Issues:
    - Thumbnail tabs on the left have some issues

    … whatever that means.

    If I add more tabs than can fit on a page, they just disappear "down below" and I cannot see or click them ...

  • Windows 7 Pro x64 | Vivaldi x64
    Desktop resolution: 1280 x 1024

    Vivaldi is started from a shortcut with the "Normal window" setting.
    Vivaldi is configured to start with the "Last Session" option.
    Vivaldi tries to reopen full-screen but doesn't quite make it and creates a black bar on the right-hand side of the desktop.
    The sidebar is normally closed but makes a brief cameo, then exits, stage right, as Vivaldi continues the show.
    The tabs initially all show their original titles from how/when they were first created, then the titles change as Vivaldi remembers where it was and what it was doing.

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    Wow - yours is even more interesting than mine! Mine does all the things I just described, but none of the things YOU described! Vivaldi - a browser where everyone can get their own unique set of UI shenanigans!

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    AH! New and kewl UI glitch! The "Show Parent Folder" button in Speed Dial folders is invisible when using "light" look and the night time desert background image. You can reveal it by hovering it, but you have to know where to hover.

  • It was hard to capture but it's…. disturbing to watch even though it turns out alright in the end. :D

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