Treating stacked tabs like normal tabs

  • I would like stacked tabs to be selectable , middle click closing , right click same option as normal tab . overall I want what normal tabs have to offer for stacked tabs like every single stacked tab.
    ++ don't close the damn tabs view when I close one it's really annoying If I want to close more than one tab in stacked tabs

  • This post is deleted!

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    @Zyzto Hi,

    Could you elaborate a bit more on what you want?

    Currently you can use Ctrl+Click to select stacked tabs in a stack, and you can right click on them to get a menu:


    I do understand that it's a bit difficult to click on the tiny little tabs.

  • @LonM oh I was trying to select them through thumbnails , but still I think it's counterintuitive to not be able to do that with thumbnails

  • @Zyzto I agree with you on the fact that tab thumbnails should have the same exact behaviour and right click menu than the tab it self.
    However, I suggest to rename the title of this thread and update your first message, if this is what you mean. I understood the same thing than @LonM when 1st reading you 😉

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