Drag tab out of browser to create a new window

  • As the title says. It would be nice to be able to grab a tab and pull it out of the browser, in order to open a new window. Handy if you need to be able to look at two different windows at the same time. If this suggestion is already posted, then I'm sorry for the repost.

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    Quite some times, the devs surely know about it. But now you need to play the waiting game.

  • Any news on this?

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    Any news on this?

    The way news works here is, when a feature has been implemented, we get news that it's working.

  • Will add this to the list. In the meantime, if you want to compare 2-3 sites (you can more, but it's a little little ^^), Group them (put one over anotherother) > Tile tab stack

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