Still not chrome remote desktop support?

  • Hey there! I've been using Vivaldi for a couple of years now, but i've always kept Chrome installed because, I just couldn't be bothered to uninstall it, but a few weeks ago I finally got around to doing it. Problem is, I was always an avid user of Googles remote desktop application in order to use my PC from my phone, but now that i've installed it on Vivaldi, it does not seem to work, I can't really get anywhere, the "get started" buttons on the window are greyed out and can't be clicked, and i'm sort of stuck there after clicking on "continuing'. Any help would be appreciated.

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    @Tairetsu I think you have to have Chrome-only APIs to run that, as it is a Google property. Certain Chrome functions can only be done through Google Servers, signed in to a Google account, and using Chrome. Unsure if Chrome Remote Desktop is one of these, but it strikes me as one that would be. I achieve the same thing with TeamViewer anyway, which is free for personal use, more powerful, and does not try to operate through a browser.

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    @Ayespy Yes, even the Google Keeps Web App extension is not working at all even after logging in.

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