Had to Drop Back From 1.201.2 to

  • I am running Win 7 64 bit with 16 gb ram on a home built machine. After installing 1.201.2 when it came out, I started noticing a couple of problems that I really found to be irritating. First, every time I reloaded Vivaldi, none of the tab icons had their thumbnails. I have kept my tabs on the bottom since Opera first gave me the option. I find that it works best for me. However I found that by going into Settings Appearance and changing the tab location to top, or either side the thumbnails would reappear. I could then bring the tabs back to the bottom where they worked find until I would restart. Then it was do through the same scenario to get the thumbnails back. Secondly, I have resorted to using the Speed Dial as my Bookmark Panel. Until we get the ability to sort the Bookmarks, I can at least have the different folders and then the sites within the appropriate folders. But with when I attempted to load a new site, the URL box would come up "undefined" and it was impossible to add the URL. I could save the URL to the Bookmark Panel and then drag it to the Speed Dial folder sometimes. Neither problem had ever occurred before and when I dropped back 1.0196.2 they disappear. I am not sure what causes these issues, and I have not seen anyone else report them.

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    The "undefined" problem has been reported a number of times. It's already fixed internally, I understand. Haven't seen anything about the tab preview/thumbnail issue. I keep tabs on right, so of course I don't see it.


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