Mouse bindings for Mac OS X

  • Hey, I've very recently started using Mac OS X, and was frustrated by the lack of mouse bindings for navigating web browsers like I am used to with Opera 'classic' on Windows. For this reason, I've written mouse bindings for the free tool 'Karabiner', which like AutoHotkey on Windows seems a very capable tool for modifying keyboard and mouse behaviour. So far I've only implemented the flip-back, flip-forward and right-click scroll wheel functionality, and it should work in all browsers. If desired, you can limit the modified mouse behaviour to browser applications only (check the Karabiner docs for how to do this). To use my bindings, add the following code to your private.xml in Karabiner [code] <item><name>Frank's Opera classic-like mouse behaviour for Mac OS X</name> <modifierdef>RIGHTCLICK</modifierdef> <modifierdef>LEFTCLICK</modifierdef> <item><name>Mouse - Right-click + scrollwheel to cycle tabs</name> <identifier>mouse_modifiedscrollwheel <autogen>KeyOverlaidModifier PointingButton::RIGHT, ModifierFlag::NONE, KeyCode::VK_MODIFIER_RIGHTCLICK, PointingButton::RIGHT,</autogen> <autogen>ScrollWheelToKey ScrollWheel::UP, ModifierFlag::RIGHTCLICK | ModifierFlag::NONE, KeyCode::BRACKET_LEFT, ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L</autogen> <autogen>ScrollWheelToKey ScrollWheel::DOWN, ModifierFlag::RIGHTCLICK | ModifierFlag::NONE, KeyCode::BRACKET_RIGHT, ModifierFlag::SHIFT_L, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L</autogen> </identifier></item><item><name>Mouse - FlipBack/FlipForward to navigate back/forward</name> <identifier>mouse_flipactions <autogen>KeyOverlaidModifier PointingButton::RIGHT, ModifierFlag::NONE, KeyCode::VK_MODIFIER_RIGHTCLICK, PointingButton::RIGHT,</autogen> <autogen>KeyToKey PointingButton::LEFT, ModifierFlag::NONE, PointingButton::LEFT, ModifierFlag::LEFTCLICK,</autogen> <autogen>KeyToKey PointingButton::RIGHT, ModifierFlag::LEFTCLICK, KeyCode::BRACKET_RIGHT, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,</autogen> <autogen>KeyToKey PointingButton::LEFT, ModifierFlag::RIGHTCLICK, KeyCode::BRACKET_LEFT, ModifierFlag::COMMAND_L,</autogen> </identifier></item></item>[/code] If you use Karabiner to flip the direction of the scroll wheel, make sure to put the xml code below the above section, as Karabiner will only apply the first private.xml entry that matches, and Option::FLIPSCROLLWHEEL_VERTICAL will always match when scrolling the wheel. You will also need to use the latest beta version of Karabiner, as it fixes a weird bug where the right-mouse button as modifier key would only work as long as you would not move the mouse cursor. This has been addressed in the latest beta version.


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