DNS Validation (Man-in-the-Middle protection)

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Once DNSSEC is standard and the default, all browsers are going to have to actually use the functionality it provides, or it is no point.
    Imagine not having a way to validate the certificates in web sites. It would be as trustable/broken as that.

    Cloudflare now offer it as a standard feature for free, and it is available for end users via the Cloudflare, Quad9, Google and most OpenDNS providers.
    ICANN are calling for a more proactive movement from everyone.

    There is only 1 extension that makes use of the validation system available, and due to the browser makers locking down extension functionality, they have stopped active development.
    Source is available and I am sure the authors would be very happy to see it used or inspire an integrated browser feature.

    It should be noted, that this functionality in the extension will also indicate a DNS hijacking/redirection within the browser eg. a bad or badly made extension.

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