More Suggestions/Bugs

  • In addition to my last thread about Vivaldi crashing when importing multiple kinds of Opera bookmark files, here's a few more bugs/missing features I've noticed. When clicking on a URL with Vivaldi closed the program will start, but it won't actually open a tab with the link. The user must click the link again after Vivaldi has opened.. :side: When viewing a basic image (nothing else but an image on the page) after awhile the image is unloaded from memory or something. The image is no longer shown, and the only way to make it show again is to refresh the page. :S Double-clicking the window pane that holds tabs opens a new tab in Opera, but does nothing in Vivaldi. There is no context menu option for opening a new tab in the background as there was in Opera. Edit: Looks like the tab fails when trying to load photobucket image pages.


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