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  • If I have posted this topic on the wrong thread, apologies, you can move it if you need to. So I've been looking for alternative browsers for Google Chrome, I wouldn't say I have completely moved on from Chrome but I can say I am very pleased with Vivaldi and am quite impressed. Mostly because I was able to customise the features of this browser, which all browsers should have. Another thing I really like is the colour changes on the top side, I could be browsing Facebook right now and the colour changes to blue, I thought that was a very nice touch. But the one that won me over is the panel side, where I can check my downloads, bookmarks and most interestingly, notes. Who ever put the Note tool in there should get the noble prize because this is one important feature that every browser should have. Back in Google Chrome, I have to rely on (An online note document) which is on the bookmark, and It is one of those particular spot on your browser that you really want to remove because it's so ugly. But not with Vivaldi 🙂 I can simply hide it when I am done with it. Oh, and I really like that you can rename the shortcut boxes in Speed Dial, now that's something Google Chrome haven't thought of. Needlessly to say however, the browser does need adjustments and for some reason, my antivirus has been acting a bit nervous around Vivaldi, which is not surprising considering it is new (I think) which can be a bit unstable. And I've noticed Vivaldi requires RAM as much as Google Chrome needs, which I don't mind since I am asking a smooth and powerful browser (and unlike Google Chrome, that doesn't crashes all the time. =P) I believe Vivaldi should embrace the whole customization system and should take it further, I don't know about how people feel about it but I love it when I'm able to adjust the interface to my preferences which makes me feel right at home, among other kind suggestions, here what I would like to see added in the future. Adjustments: - I would like to rename my Notes in the panel side so I'll know which note I need to look. - In the Speed Dial tab, which I often use in Google Chrome, I would like the shortcut boxes to be smaller (or resizable) . The more I add the shortcut boxes, the longer the webpage I have to scroll downwards to find the specific box. - More details on the download panel, although it's quite a squeeze, i would like to know how fast the download is going and perhaps how long it will take. I also would like an option for 'Open when done' when you right click the downloading file. - For me, the lack of accessibility seems to be the biggest con here, although I can zoom in, I would rather increase the font size of this browser as well as changing the font. - Speaking of zoom feature, I would want to a shortcut key enable of moving the mouse the to the bottom right. To be able press Control and -/+ (from 10%) instead of using the mouse is a good step. - The bottom bar, I would want to move it to the left side or getting rid of it completely, and moving these options to the top bar. perhaps not the zoom feature (you can use control and -/+ for this) but the images option, the panel and the page action could be moved to the dropbox from the Vivaldi icon. Things I think should be added. - I'm probably not the only one who wants this but add-ons are your friends if you need to pull a trick or two on the websites to work in your convenience. I know I do, Tampermonkey, The Great Suspender, AutoReplayer, maybe one day. (However, I was able to installed Ad Block but not others.) - Although I really like the interface, there are maybe some people don't, perhaps you can allow your users to change theme of this browser, I would like this as well. The mountain picture in Speed Dial is pretty but not something I wanna see everyday, so at the very least, I do want to change the background. - Is it possible to use WhatsApp on this browser? I would like that. Just realized I can't seem to install plug-ins, it may be just me. I would like to point out that this review is only from a user who had one day experience on Vivaldi so I may have missed something or two, so if I did, please point it out. I'd appreciate it. Thank you and I look forward for more of your updates. (And suddenly, this question came to my head.) Does this browser update itself or do I need to update it manually? Thanks again.

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    Yes, the updates are automatic, but you are notified and allowed to proceed with the update or not - your choice.

    EVERY ONE of your other remarks concern features that are absolutely certain to come to Vivaldi in time, given the reason for its existence, the promises of its founder, and the pedigree of the development team. It will take time. A similar slate of features took two decades to fully arrive in Vivaldi's progenitor (old Opera 12 et prior), so it could easily be a couple of years before all of us old Opera fans are fully satisfied with the level of performance and the slate of features, but the browser is off to a roaring start.

  • I'm interested to see how much we get in the first official release 🙂

  • For me, the lack of accessibility seems to be the biggest con here, although I can zoom in, I would rather increase the font size of this browser as well as changing the font.

    The user Interface can be resized in Settings. The default zoom level can also be set.

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    Download the last development snapshot if you want to change the Speed Dial background:


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