Crash when opening console on extension options page

  • Whenever I attempt to open the console/dev tools on a full-page extension options page, i.e. chrome-extension://<extension-id>/options.html, the browser crashes. Has anyone else encountered this?

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    That issue happens with some extensions and is already reported to Vivaldi devs.

    Can you please tell which Vivaldi version and with whioch extension this happen?

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Version 2.3.1440.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit)
    Revision 38c6381358a1ec7a9fc161a038fb9d7407334aa4-refs/branch-heads/3626@{#858}
    OS Windows 10

    It's happened with every extension I've tested that opens options as its own local page under chrome-extension://. That is, any extension which has the manifest option "options_ui"->"open_in_tab" set to true. If the extension instead opens options as a popup on the extension page, right-clicking and selecting inspect will successfully open dev tools without issue. Here's a list of extensions I tested:

    name: uMatrix
    version: 1.3.16
    ID: ogfcmafjalglgifnmanfmnieipoejdcf

    name: Google Translate
    version: 2.0.7
    ID: aapbdbdomjkkjkaonfhkkikfgjllcleb

    name: uBlock Origin
    version: 1.18.4
    ID: cjpalhdlnbpafiamejdnhcphjbkeiagm

    name: Linkclump
    version: 2.8.5
    ID: lfpjkncokllnfokkgpkobnkbkmelfefj

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    Such issue encountered on current 2.3 Stable and 2.4 Snapshot.
    Looks like this already reported bug:
    VB-49764 "Developer tools crash browser on extension created tab or options page"

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