Some feature ideas

  • Hello, Based on my usecases (I'm an IT engineer), and the corporate world in which we are also living in, I would like to share a couple of things that Ithink vivaldi could use. This browser quite much resembles the ergonomy of the old opera, while having a decent engine - very good pair. [ul] [li]Expandable/Collapsable grouped tabs: I've used to use these to group different workflows, then collapse the groups I'm not working on, and expand the ones I'm working on at that moment. Currently it's done differently in vivaldi, however in the old opera, this worked like a charm.[/li] [li]GSSAPI integration: Being able to utilize Kerberos authentication using the GSSAPI Negotiate method is a very neat thing, and really helps corporate usage. This is also very important for proxy authentication in MSAD environments.[/li] [li]Please keep the very top line of couple of pixels, which helps to drag a maximized window and move it to another screen (laptop users after redocking from a multi-screen docker)[/li] [li]GPO integration for AD environments: Being able to control most features of the browser (default home page, proxy settings, etc) is usually a hard requirement in corporate environments.[/li] [li]Split view for groups (or also for nongroups): Cascading the grouped tabs looks nice, however when you have quite much grouped, it would be easier if i could just define the spliting (like how you do it in emacs/screen/tmux/etc), and tell which tab of the group should be on which viewport. Could kinda speed up some workflows, when we need more pages-than-screens to be open[/li] [li]Trash: I still think the "closed tabs" was a better name, but whatever. Trash might be killed popups as well, or other stuff. People have different definitions for trash.[/li] [/ul] So far stuff looks good, and I hope these little cosmetic and somewhat technical ideas will help you on the road. Opera been missing the GSSAPI stuff forever, and that completely blocked its corporate usage.


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