If you use Winrar update it now (UNACE lib, this vuln may be in other programs, too)

  • If you are one of Winrar compression software 500 million users, make sure to update to the latest version immediately.

    Researchers from Check Point Software discovered a 14 year old code-execution vulnerability in the UNACEV2.DLL library that Winrar uses to extract .ACE files which has not been updated since 2005.

    Full article here.

    Quick note: I would imagine that this vulnerability is also present in other compression software that uses the UNACEV2.DLL library to open .ACE files.

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    ⚠ And Powerarchiver 2018 uses a old lib UNACEV2.DLL from 2007. See statement from Powerarc.

    And Avast uses this lib, too.

  • Let's see, I have:

    • One old UNACE32.EXE from 2001 in my old tools folder - no idea if it affects this, and I never use it anyway.
    • One unacev2.dll in Total Commander - Reply from author of TC, not a big issue.
    • And of course one in WinRAR - which I rarely use, and certainly not for ACE files.

    But I can't remember any situation at least the last 10-15 years where I've encountered an ACE file. Does anyone even use it anymore with the availability of 7zip and Zip built-in to Windows (and I assume Linux desktops?).

    I guess people could be tricked into unpacking an ACE archive downloaded from somewhere if they use WinRAR as their main archive tool and/or have file extensions not showing, making it look like a general archive type.

    But it would very much be an extreme edge case.

  • Total commander also uses UNACEV2.DLL and is affected by this exploit, as discussed here on their forum.

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    Gotta love the fix.
    You can actually manually fix whatever version you have without updating.
    If you install the latest WinRAR it simply deletes the dll and removes ACE support.

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