Address bar stops working

  • Every now and then my address bar stops accepting input from the Enter key - I will go to use a quick search and nothing happens. Switching/opening new tabs does nothing, and the only solution seems to be to close and restart. I also don't know of any mouse-based way to "go" (i.e. like in Opera 12, where you would right click and choose "Go").

  • Same thing was happening to me yesterday, clicking the text on the dropdown seems to do the trick. Bit of a nuisance but better than a close and restart.

  • Same problem here yesterday and it happened in 2 different computers that I use one with x32 and the other one with x64 :S

  • I have noticed the same lately; suddenly pressing enter in address bar does nothing.
    My workaround is to enter the url in the address bar, then press Ctrl-A to select it, then Ctrl-C to copy and Shift-Ctrl-V to paste-and-go.
    Restarting Vivaldi fixes the problem but eventually it comes back again.

    I am using Windows 7, Vivaldi version is: Vivaldi (Developer Build) (32-bit)

  • May be part of problem - I can not copy adress from bar - pasting in Notebook.exe (for exampe) - give me only "Imported From Opera", not copied webadress


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