Search bar hotkey functionality changed

  • Somewhere in the latest Vivaldi upgrade CTRL+K hotkey functionality changed.
    Usually I open a new tab with CTRL+T and I press CTRL+K to jump into search bar. Sometimes I don't need current tab so I don't open new tab before CTRL+K.
    In earlier releases it doesn't changed the case: CTRL+K always jumped to search bar.

    When I open a new tab now, CTRL+K jumps to the search bar of the new tab, not to the search bar of the address bar. The functionality is the same, it's ok but it is a little bit annoying to me. I've got used to looking at the search bar when I type the search phrase. Now I would like to watch my search phrase at the search bar of the address bar but I see nothing because focus changed to the new page.
    Is it possible to change the functionality back to the original?


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