The browser is slow, crashes sometimes.

  • Hi everyone !

    I'm from Opera (which I've been using since 2006).
    I chose to use Vivaldi because I like the philosophy and the features.
    I use it for 2 weeks, and I've have many issues with it.

    Vivaldi is very slow for me (compare to Opera or Firefox), I don't know why.
    I've only 4-5 tabs open maximum.

    I know there is a bug with a GTX 1080 Ti (I have one), but on Youtube, my GPU is used.

    I can't view PDF files, Vivaldi crashed, even on the lastest snapshot. Sometimes the browser crashes for no reason when I'm on Youtube or when I download something.
    Youtube is also a problem (but I've seen the topic, and it works well on the last snapshot). I looked at the hidden parameters, I activated some as advised on some topics but without success.

    So, someone can help me? Or maybe I can help Vivaldi, I don't use Vivaldi right now, because the browser is too unstable for me (I'm on Firefox 65), but I can use it and provide logs to help.

    My config :

    MSI Z97 Mpower
    i7 4790K 4,4GHz
    Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme
    16Go DDR3 2133MHz
    M.2 SSD 128GB
    Windows 10 Pro 64 bits 1809 version

    Thanks. 🙂

    PS : Don't hesitate to correct me if I say bullshit, or ask for clarification, I'm here to help. 🙂

  • Moderator

    @dylem29 You don't mention whether you use any extensions, or whether you use 3rd party security on your rig. Both of these can affect performance.

    My setup is weaker than yours, and Vivaldi is smooth and fast like melted butter here.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer.

    i don't use any extension, my security software is Eset Internet Security (last version).

    Your setup is weaker than mein, that's why I say it's strange.
    Chromium is fast, like Opera, Edge or Firefox.

    Vivaldi slowed down as I use it.

    thanks for the help,

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    @dylem29 Eset may be taking possession of browser operations and examining them before approving each operation. In such a case, the only way to test it for sure (if "disabling" Eset temporarily or white-listing Vivaldi have no effect) may be to actually temporarily uninstall it and try Vivaldi without it on board. Eset has been known to interfere with Vivaldi in the past. Disabling 3rd party security software still leaves it active in the background as to some functions.

  • Ok, I'll try to do that.

    But since I work in IT, I'm not very comfortable turning off my antivirus...
    Maybe it's just an optimization issue?

    I tried the browser when it was still in test and the problems were the same.
    Anyway, thanks.


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