Avira browser on the horizon

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    Existing Avira beta testers should have received their invitation to test their new project. It seems that Avira also want in on the browser market, but at least they will emphasise security above all. Perhaps if they can integrate my security ideas into the browser, I may be interested. Chromium based browsers have a massive footprint (especially the 64bit versions), so I am not a big fan. Once you add extensions that need to run another copy of the browser, it gets out of control in my opinion. Some of the best security addons need to be moved into the browser code and considered standard functions. Here is what Avira have to say about the new browser; [i]The Avira Browser integrates a collection of the most powerful protection technologies in a browser. A mixture of Open Source extensions, a browser maintained by Avira and Avira-internal technology covers the different threats a user is facing when using the internet. Compatible to the Chrome browser[/i] http://www.nsaneforums.com/topic/247109-avira-browser-beta/ https://betacenter.avira.com/callout/?callid=d5fdb98c7e904961987851b25047f755

  • sounds similar to comodo's browser (chromodo).

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    sounds similar to comodo's browser (chromodo).

    Except much more feature-free.

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    Now that I have accepted the invite, I have signed the Non Disclosure Agreement.
    (and why I made the post before doing so :whistle: )

    I can say how I feel about the whole idea though, and refer to anything already public.
    It is the first test release and still stinks of chrome inside and out, but that is because, as you can see in the forum post I gave above, security is their primary focus.

    They have done exactly what I say Vivaldi should do.
    If you read the linked post you will see that they include a few standard security extras, such as "HTTPS Everywhere".
    However these are not extensions, they are integrated into the code. You can manage them but not remove them.

    My feedback so far, mirrors exactly the things I have suggested for Vivaldi browser, but as Avira are already ahead with integrating extra security APIs, I have high hopes of seeing what I expect in a secure next-gen browser 😎

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    Sounds as though you're sufficiently paranoid, you ought to be using the Tor browser. 😛

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    I have dabbled over the years, but I don't need that level of protection.
    I would rather see certain useful APIs become standard, and that all browsers have DNS poison protection.
    Authenticated, safe and secure browsing should not be for the select few.

    As for paranoia, not particularly. I am thinking on behalf of everyone.
    I have been in the habit of using encryption whenever available since the Amiga days (1990s).
    Therefore like many Amiga users have always been puzzled at the lack of interest and understanding in the PC world.
    Steve Gibson jokes about it in the last episode of "Security Now" (ep-512).
    We are in 2015 and you do not expect to hear a big or important company claim that encryption is something new they have to learn about :huh:

    My paranoia is about the dumb-asses in important positions, that have no clue about the things they are paid to have opinions on.
    My paranoia is also "Dave" (see this weeks Security Now https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/512)
    In simple terms my paranoia is "Human Error" far more than GCHQ capturing my traffic, or Microsoft using/testing account details sent via MSN and Skype chat.

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