First Impressions, Critique and Privacy concerns

  • Hello,

    Some critique from my first impressions on using Vivaldi. This is based on my personal taste which I don't expect everyone to share.

    I don't find the Vivaldi logo particularly elegant 😕 . The overall design is a bit like Opera and yet it isn't. I like all the settings but I feel the design has not yet reached it's peak. Very small and probably totally insignificant things bother me, for example the few pixels of empty space over the tabs and the right pixel margin next to the X on the top right.

    Don't kill me for mentioning these small things. It's just that I have been so used to the Opera interface that it feels as if there is empty unused (and non-usable) space with the margins I am seeing here. It's not about making the two browsers look identical, but about having a design that does not appear to have different scattered parts. It should look as one piece with sections that cooperate well and blend with each other. The default window background image makes it look a bit more uniform. Though there are still too many borders and edges.

    I am going to use a menu icon because the logo is a bit too dominant for my taste. Again, don't kill me for my taste. I just want to be honest about my first impressions.

    One of the reasons I wanted to try Vivaldi was to get away from the "Chinese" Opera. But then I read that Vivaldi moved to the USA which brought another dimension to my concern. To be blunt I thought I have now to choose between NSA or China. At the end of the day I won't be the one saving the internet and my choice of browser will be based on functionality. I still wish the company was still based in Europe because I would have no seconds thoughts on using it regarding privacy.

    Yes I like Vivaldi. I think it will keep improving. It definitely stays on my computer. Let's see if it will make it to be the default browser. 🙂

  • @Yogini said in First Impressions, Critique and Privacy concerns:

    But then I read that Vivaldi moved to the USA

    What? When did that happen??

  • He says it in this interview: at around minute 5. At 14:38 there is another reference to the US. 15:52 talking about US team gathering. At 18:50 the moderator says "Right now you moved from Nordic countries to the US" and he nods. 😛

  • Moderator

    @Yogini Vivaldi was founded in Iceland and still has its "home" offices there. There is also a major office in Oslo and a smaller office in Magnolia, outside of Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA. Jon's primary residence, as I understand it, is in Magnolia, (with another in Reykjavik) and there are at least two times a year when staff from around the world gather there, with another annual gathering in Iceland.

    Team members also work from Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Republic and Silicon Valley.

    Vivaldi has not moved to the USA. But Jon bought a home in the USA and moved some operations nearby.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Vivaldi was originally Blogs, email and a forum based in Iceland.
    Since the browser project, Vivaldi has had to expand operations.
    Vivaldi email is still in Iceland.

    Thankfully your criticisms are merely based on what Vivaldi looks like, and as that is secondary to it's functionality and what it performs like.
    The GUI wrapper is just made with CSS, so is at your command, and is open for all to tweak to their hearts content.
    Don't like the gaps, get rid of them, and share your edit.

  • @Dr-Flay Is it really that simple to edit the appearance? I know some simple css, it would be fun to try.

  • @Yogini Go to vivaldi://inspect/#apps, click the first Inspect (under Vivaldi) and browse the browser 🙂 How you can use your mods

    Edit: you'll be maybe also interested in vivaldi://flags/#debug-packed-apps, which adds Inspect to context menu of all elements.

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