Window spontaneously closes, processes remain in the background

  • Occasionally, the browser window will close for no apparent reason, though it seems to happen more often while I'm on YouTube. Everything continues to happen except the window itself. If there's audio from a video or Flash object, it continues. I've managed to pin down that all of Vivaldi's processes remain active except for the one that shows up as "Background Page: Vivaldi" and "App: Vivaldi" in Vivaldi's task manager, which are bundled up as one process. This one disappears when the problem happens. It comes back when I relaunch, but only the part labeled "background page" -- the "App: Vivaldi" portion still remains missing and the new window does not appear. I've approached this by killing the process tree and relaunching from a clean slate, but is there any other way around it? Version, with the extensions Chromium Smooth Wheel Scroller and AdBlock. It's a standalone installation synced to Google Drive. I've seen this happening with some previous versions, as well. (Also, when I relaunch this way, the YouTube page comes back rather mangled, and often shows the video ad despite AdBlock. Once, I even saw it start playing a totally different video. [[b]Edit:[/b] Also, PDFs reappear zoomed all the way out.] Reloading the page fixes these issues.)

  • I have the same problem. It's quite rare and random, so it might not be easy to fix.

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    I have the same problem. It's quite rare and random, so it might not be easy to fix.

    It is, however, very, very well-known. So you may rest assured this is one bug the team will be sure to squash.


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