Medival (local forum)

  • We love[b] medival[/b] events. [i](reserved for engl. group)[/i] Wir lieben [b]mittelalterliches[/b] Spektakel. [i](german group)[/i] ...

  • If you feel the need to reserve space, then perhaps it may be useful to spell it correctly ?
    Medieval or Mediæval

    BTW. Reserving an empty forum space/title does not work. Most people do not look for previous threads or use the search.
    I can guarantee that if another person arrives with the same interests, they will make a new thread with some actual content.

    You better start filling this thread or watch it disappear downwards 😉

  • hello. There's a doctor here ! :cheer: Is this medival a topic for ambulance drivers or fireman chiefs or something? Then i wish to say Drink coffee. don't text and drive. Thank you. 😉 😎

  • Wise words indeed 😎

    No idea until someone uses it.
    That is why these place-holder threads are usually duds. If any one had anything to say there would already be a thread in action, and swimming with fire chiefs and ambulance drivers.
    I am involved with a cyber-Medieval PC game, but I doubt the Chaos UT4 project is something for this thread.


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