Regarding the Vivaldi email service

  • Hello guys, I was thinking about the Vivaldi Email Service. I couldn't choose my address, the email address was my username + That means that I know every email address of every user here, is that right? Being here I'm sharing my email address with everyone, even if I don't want to. Someone could use those address to send spam or unwanted content. I don't use it as my primary email inbox, so I don't care that much but I wanted to point out that it could be a problem imo. Is it like this or am I missing something?

  • At least you know the adresses from the active users in the forums.
    But the developers said that they want work on aliases support, that would bring much more security, so you can have a non-visible address and still be very active in the forum :)

    I think a new solution for the registration process would be good, so that Vivaldi's email address is the ID and the username if wanted, can be changed.

    We talked also about this subject here :)

  • Got it.
    Thank you =)

  • @GinoPerla:

    Got it.
    Thank you =)

    Replying to a similar question the administrators said they were evaluating the alias opportunity.

    In the meantime the obvious workaround is to do two registrations and use one for the forum and the other for the email.

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