"Always on Top" Toggle under "View" Menu

  • It'd be nice to put Vivaldi in the blank space of my Photoshop workspaces, terminals, etc. I could see other users enjoying this function, but it may be anecdotal.

  • Moderator

    @flooners Not something that needs to be added to settings. Just add the option to the menu where it is easier to turn off/on.

    Personally, I think it belongs on the Window menu, but either would be OK.

    If you just want to watch a video while working in PhotoShop, you can already use Picture-in-Picture, which stays on top of any application that you are working with.

  • @Pesala Picture in picture does solve this specific problem, thank you. I still think a simple toggle like this could be a useful feature as well.

    Edit: I'm having a hard time finding the picture-in-picture menu option; is there a setting I need to enable?

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    @flooners Right-click on a YouTube video, twice, or right-click once on some other sites that support picture-in-picture.


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