Tracking Protection similar to Firefox's implementation

  • It would be neat to see tracking protection in Vivaldi like that found in Firefox and Firefox Focus on mobile devices. As in the ability to block third party cookies that track you, not just block all third party cookies which breaks websites (like Gmail). Firefox's current implementation does not break advertisements, either. It only blocks tracking scripts and cookies related to them. Also add in the ability to block tracker scripts. And in the future, perhaps cryptomining scripts that drain resources and fingerprinting protection. All of this should be customizable, of course. Brave has already pulled some of this off. Why not Vivaldi? Hopefully it can be done with the Blink rendering engine... We all know Google does not really care much for privacy protections.

  • I support this proposal. Would make Vivaldi even more decent.

  • It would indeed be a cool feature, and it will draw attention to Vivaldi. But to be fair, there are already some great ad and tracking blockers out there. But a standard feature would be nice. I would say, look at Ghostery for some inspiration.

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