Snapshot 1455.4 crashes on (K)Ubuntu, Windows

  • Hi !

    Just update to the latest snapshot on (K)Ubuntu (18.04.2 LTS) and Vivaldi keep crash.
    The Bookmark and History bar disappeared and I had to close the entire browser. Browser was started in private mode.


    I would like to have a shortcut to toggle this bar on/off, because I personally consider that it's a little bit a waste of space, especially if Vivaldi is used on smaller screens.

    Can someone confirm this bug/issue?
    Thank you.

    P.s. Performed downgrade to previous version in order to use the browser.

    P.p.s. Same issue on Windows, plus the fact that it doesn't load pages. Tried to load (private and normal mode) and it didn't load. I had to uninstall and install the previous version(2.3.1440.37).


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