Mac improvements and bookmarking tab selections – Vivaldi Browser snapshot 1455.4

  • Vivaldi Team

    Today’s snapshot has a few nice fixes for people using old Mac graphics cards and/or older versions of macOS, along with a new bookmarks option.

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  • About time - finally I'm able to watch YouTube on my Apple ][ ! 😁

  • Dang, Pathduck beat me posting, while I was writing.

  • @ruario

    So if you have had issues playing issues playing videos


  • [Regression] Tab renaming is delayed (VB-48960)

    And still is, after renaming a tab stack the text in tab is still the previous one, until I activate another tab, even inside the same stack.

  • Thanks for the macOS fixes. Double clicking tab bar and corner rounding work again! What still doesn't work is right clicking on empty space in either tab bar or panel container on HIgh Sierra. This used to give a context menu, but since the Chromium update in the 2.3 snapshot series it stopped behaving this way. Maybe that's on purpose of course, just mentioning the difference.

  • a snapshot with bookmark love and VB-23059 isn't at the smashed list 😭
    nevertheless thanks for the snapshot 👍🏻

  • Moderator

    Note to Mac users: If you have a GPU that got blacklisted by the underlying Chromium code, it's no longer necessary to enable the #ignore-gpu-blacklist flag to get video playback fully working again in Vivaldi. Likewise, MacBook Pro users (with power-hungry discrete GPUs), who disable hardware acceleration in their Vivaldi settings in order to extend their battery life, should now also be able to play H.264/AVC-encoded videos.

  • Endless waiting for the next Stable release now to see for myself the Find-in-Page bug fixed. Patience is the key .. 😉 🌸

  • Thanks for the new snapshot! Regarding the bookmarking of Tabs... I use this feature really often and every time I wish there would be an option in what folder the bookmarks get saved. Say for example to the speeddial folder, where I want these bookmarks usually. Maybe that's possible with one of the next snapshots 🙂

  • Moderator

    Oh! VB-35483 fixed. Now prompt fas focus and selected content. NICE! 🥂

  • Great news - not even mentioned in the change log! The Print/Print Preview problem VB-48691 not working seems to be fixed again in this SS. It might have been fixed with the Chromium update?

    I tried with a few of the sites that were not working in the past and now they do. I'll try more during the coming days and will update if I run again into some that don't work and post them here.

  • On Windows there's a major bug. New tab opens as a big empty screen. No buttons, no side panels nothing. I have to close it through right click and then open a new window.

  • @DoDe I can't reproduce that. New Tab opens fine for me. I have it set to Speed Dial.

  • There is a serious bug in this build.

    Clicking the + button to open a new tab or opening one from the file menu results in this weird new tab that takes over the entire browser and I am unable to do anything but close the browser and restart it.

    Opening new tabs by middle clicking links or right clicking on a link work as they should.

    Can anyone else confirm this bug?

  • @TheDragonReborn Define "weird new tab". A screenshot would help.

    Also, what is your setting under Tabs > New Tab Page?

  • @Pathduck I can confirm what @TheDragonReborn says, I have the same bug. Latest Windows x64 snapshot build, Windows 10 x64 1803.

    When you try to open a new tab with the keyboard shortcut or with the + button, the screen goes entirely grey with the Vivaldi logo on center, like when Vivaldi boots. From there, you can do nothing else but Alt+F4.

    My New Tab Page parameter is on Speed Dial.

    This what happens there :

  • The font color problem has returned! On macOS Mojave with the dark theme, the selected text has dark background and foreground colors, which is hard to read. Some buttons have white text on white background. Etc.

    This problem was fixed on the last snapshot and has returned on this one. Should I report it again?

  • Ambassador

    @raed No such problem here.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit 1809 build 17763.292 • Snapshot 2.3.1454.4 (64-bit)

  • @raed Sorry, cant't reproduce. No problem here.

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