Changed behaviour of CMD+L shortcut

  • After latest update, CMD+L shortcut changed behaviour - previously, after CMD+L the whole address was selected in address bar and I could type a new one.
    Now, CMD+L moves cursor to the end of address - to select the address I have to either push CMD+L again or CMD+SHIT+LEFT, a bit annoying ...

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    @lipo2lipo No change for me. I just tested with the latest Snapshot and ⌘L works as expected: it focuses the Address Field and selects the entire URL.

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    @lipo2lipo Hi. I've tried to look into this further but haven't been able to find reports of any similar issues in the bug tracker. Does this problem happen all of the time or only under certain circumstances? Also, what version of macOS are you using and what are your keyboard/system language settings? Do you have any extensions installed?

    Sorry to hear that you are experiencing this issue. Hopefully we can help you to get it resolved.

  • @xyzzy I found the circumstances where this problem occurs, private tabs. When inside one, I had to do as @lipo2lipo described to select the entire url.

    Using the latest stable version.

  • I didnt use private tabs few days, it was in "common" tab. I'll try to find out under which circumstances said behaviour occurs.
    Tried it today and guess what - it marked the whole address 😮
    Using OS X Sierra, system in English.

  • So, it happens for example when I am on duckduckgo page with search results, I follow a link, then I use gusture to go back in history to duckduckgo results page, here when I press CMD+L, cursor moves to the end of address bar.


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