Multiple vertical scrollbar bookmarks

  • Just to clarify, there was a similar request for this 10 months ago, trying to emulate Opera's Go-to-Top-then-Go-Back functionality. This is not it.

    What I would like to see is a bookmark implemented on the vertical scrollbar that works on a single page only. For instance, if you CTRL-Click on the scrollbar, it adds a small bookmark next to it that you can click and instantly get back to. As we will see more and more loooong pages that do incremental loads, long text pages, or reddit posts, I think this would be very useful option. It doesn't have to be remembered if you close the browser or the tab (it would be nice, but I gather it'd be complicated to implement. I don't know really). I don't think anyone has this functionality, and would love to see Vivaldi gets it first.


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