Can't drag browser window

  • I can't exactly seem to pinpoint the problem, but there are some moments where I want to drag the window around, but Vivaldi stays in the same place. I can resize the window and manipulate the tabs (I'm also in stacked mode if that's relevant), but I can't move the window by the mouse. If I also try to resize the window to a smaller size, the scaling for the search bar and extensions are out of place.

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    @dannyvo024 Right now, there are limited grab handles on the Vivaldi UI. The only place you can grab it appears to be the top title bar. Other grab locations that used to work will, no doubt, be rehabilitated as well.

  • Hi,

    I'm also experiencing this problem. In my view, it's related to sleep/hibernation. If Vivaldi is running prior to the PC hibernating / sleeping, then afterwards Vivaldi's window cannot be moved by dragging the usual handle at the title bar. Note, that resize works, and there are also other ways move is working, like using Windows 10's [WIN]+left/right/up/down buttons; and also right clicking the app in the start bar / move is working. Just the dragging stops working. If Vivaldi is restarted, everything is working as it should be.
    I hope this helps pinpoint where the issue could be.

  • I have this problem too. But for me it's not related to sleep/hibernation.
    I work with dual monitors. I move windows alot accross the two screen and sometimes Vivaldi can't be moved at all. I have to restart it.

    Otherwise, it the same as explained by zeroxx1986, you just can't drag any vivaldi windows.

    Version: 2.3.1440.41 (Stable channel) (64 bits)

  • In the latest snapshot I've been experiencing a similar issue when after manipulating tabs in a certain way (I've yet to narrow it down) I am unable to drag the window using the empty space on the tab bar.

    (this is with native window off, to be clear)


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