Mainly GUI related thoughts + a hiccup

  • Hi Dev team, first of all: great work from what I've got to see so far! As time is precious, here are a few thoughts from yesterday's session with the new version: - zoom slider (bottom right): maybe add a mark for 100%? - tab seperation: maybe add pixel in between themm so they are more easily differentiated? - panel (left): will "history" and "windows" be added here? - menu section: "window" - i assume the successors to this version will have the favicons shown here? - mouse gesture: RMB+mouse DOWN+then+mouse UP: used to open links in background. is it possible to add a function that if one does this in any empty area on a page this tab will then be duplicated [b]including[/b] the tab's history? -mouse gesture: will RMB+mousewheel to browse through tabs be resurrected? - browser title bar: when using the menu where File/Edit etc. are shown in the Vivaldi (non-default Windows design) top element is there any way to still have it show active tab info like page title etc? -keyboard usage: will e.g CTRL+1, CTRL+2 be reintroduced to e.g. open SpeedDial tab 1 and 2 in this case? ... hiccup: page embedded Adobe Flash element asking for permissions (p2pstreaming in this case) can not be clicked with mouse. "oldschool" TAB TAB TAB .... then SPACEBAR or ENTER to activate button in there ONLY works when in Flash is in fullscreen mode. In embedded size not even the keyboard workaround works. I do not expect, nor does it require a reply to this unless of course I have chosen a wrong thread for this. Regards -RogerWilco (runnnig Vivaldi with Adblock and Ghostery. Once the interface supports it, script blocking will be added)


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