Blurry icon for adblock extension

  • This is problem that's plagued me for a while and in all honesty I still can't figure out what triggers it.

    The icon will tend to go from this:
    0_1549825860081_Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 20.07.58.png

    To either of these:

    0_1549825847070_Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 20.05.57.png 0_1549825975037_Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 20.05.50.png

    The one on the right is a screenshot taken from youtube. The other one is a screenshot taken from the Vivaldi forums, and it should actually be green.
    0_1549826447072_Screenshot 2019-02-10 at 20.18.48.png

    Sometimes the icons will correct themselves for no apparent reason, other times a reload may or may not fix them.

    The only thing that seems to trigger it is a moving between tabs, but even then there are some rare cases where it doesn't result in the icon being blurry. The only thing that I can say for certain now is that whitelisted websites alway result in the blurry red icon, and rarely display the correct green one.

    I am using the adblocker extension from Could anyone else confirm if it happens as well?

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    @AltCode I can confirm that there are issues with AdBlock on Vivaldi. For example, I whitelisted and and when I load that site, sometimes the AdBlock icon is green, sometimes it's not. If the icon is green and I close another tab in the window, the icon immediately turns red. Content blocking seems to work but I don't know why the icon state is messed up.

    I would normally advise you to first contact the AdBlock team about these issues but the extension's support site lists Vivaldi as unsupported but compatible. Other than that, there doesn't seem to be any other mention of Vivaldi on the site or in their Support Forums.

    Re: blurriness of extension icons in Vivaldi... the uBlock Origin (and uBO Extra) icons looked a bit blurry to me as well... but they also looked equally blurry in Chrome 72. I don't have a HiDPI display so I can't fully replicate the issues you describe.

  • @xyzzy I decided to test for blurriness in two more adblock extensions, adblock plus and ublock origin; this is what I found:

    Adblock plus has no problems with its icon while in a whitelisted site such as Vivaldi Forums, it remains greyed and does not become blurry. Ublock origin on the other hand displayed the incorrect icon once with blurriness; this however was very rare and I only managed to see it twice.
    0_1549870641841_Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 08.33.25.png

    When adblocking on a website such as youtube, on the other hand, both adblockers became blurry, but ublock origin corrected itself almost immediately, while adblock plus remained blurry just like the adblocker that I currently use.
    0_1549870685237_Screenshot 2019-02-11 at 08.36.25.png

    What's more interesting is that adblock plus never corrects itself in and website that it was blocking ads, while my adblocker could given I reloaded the website.


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