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  • I'm not sure if this is only effecting my installation of Vivaldi 2.3. I haven't exhaustively tested all the possibilities I could, just yet. However, based on what I've seen, it looks more like an actual bug in the Vivaldi code.

    After installing the update, the Open Saved Session dialogue box fails to include a scrollbar. This means that once the dialogue reaches its maximum size, the Session List overflows the the dialogue box. Also, the Open and Cancel buttons are drawn 'outside' the visible dialogue box.

    I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue. Or if I have to continue testing to figure out a solution.

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    @ShadesOfGrey This bug has already been reported.

    No Buttons on Open Session Dialogue

  • @Pesala

    Thanks for pointing out that post. I thought I had searched thoroughly enough before posting. Obviously not. I'll keep track of the bug report and see what happens.

    Although, I did want to leave a tip on how to (sort of) workaround for this bug, without necessarily archiving, deleting, or moving sessions from the Session directory, for those who may search and find my post first.

    If you select a session and hit tab, the Open Session in a New Window checkbox is selected and causes the bottom of the Open Saved Session dialog box to become visible. Granted this doesn't help deal with the sessions that may be between the bottom of the top portion of the dialog, and the top of the bottom portion. But it does at least give you an opportunity to open a selectable session in a New Window or not.


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