"Find in page" with a spatial navigation twist

  • Hello! As an old Opera-user (from 3.xx, possilbly 2.xx) I am pretty sure we had this feature back in the days. When using "find in page" in the current version of Vivaldi ( I am unable to quickly navigate further if the word I am searching for is on top of a link. I have to manually move my hand to the mouse and click the link where the word is outlined in orange. Wouldn't it be nice to just hit "enter"? My hands are hovering above the keyboard anyway. As a medical librarian I am often looking for known articles/references in volumes/issues in scientific journals. This feature could save me quite a bit of time and hand-movement. And we would be closer to having "the Internet at our fingertips". And to take it a bit further: What if it was possible to combine "find in page" with spatial navigation? I believe the spatial navigation feature starts form the top of the page every time (sometimes top-right, and sometimes top-left??). Quite a bit of keyboard-fondling is needed if you want a link close to the bottom. What if you used "find in page" to find a word at the bottom a page, and by pressing "SHIFT"+arrow, spatial navigation smoothly used this place as a point of origin to "spatially navigate"?

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    I suspect that this issue will go away when the Escape to cancel Find in Page bug is resolved.


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