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  • Hi, I use a web application at work. It is composed two frames. The frame on the left is used to contain a menu of links. The frame on the right then shows the content. To access this web application we use HTTPS and this is where the issue begins. We have two domains one for the old application name and one for the new application name. For the purposes of the HTTPS we have a digital certificate signed in the new name of the application. Yet when you drill down to the links to the pages for the application they still live under the old application name. Then when you try to access one of these links you're shown a rather odd icon. Following the same route as above but using IE, rather than being shown a strange icon the user is shown a security warning and is prevented from accessing the page. Accordingly, if you visit the old domain and accept the certificate for the new domain to permit the HTTPS connection to work. You are then able to work with the whole site as one might normally be expected. After that if you then visit the new domain, you have full access to the links which were previously blocked before. Clearly there are web site design issues here but those are irrelevant to the behaviour of the browser. First Vivaldi should show a meaningful message. Second when accessing content from another domain as above, the user should be offered to option to continue if they know that they can trust the web site they're visiting. Thank you.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Have you submitted this as a bug report ?

  • Hi,

    I have now, thank you for the link.


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