A "quick group" folder, it instantly opens all the bookmarks inside...

  • Please add a right click menu option to convert any bookmark folder into a "quick group" folder, symbolized with a lightning folder icon. When you single click on a "quick group" folder, it instantly opens all the bookmarks inside as new tabs or new background tabs [based on our preferred setting for "quick group" folders]. Also, a "quick group" folder can be slow clicked by holding down the click for half a second, in which case you can still access it and use it like a regular bookmark folder so you can still open just a single bookmark that it contains. Maxthon browser already has this feature and it is very handy.

    NOTE: In case of any worry that the slow click ability might conflict with folder dragging, it won't. Because once the mouse drag movement begins to happen, it will override or cancel the slow click action.

    [bug reported VB-49133]

  • You can middle-click a bookmark folder. Does that do what you expect?

  • Thanks for the tip. That is a pretty good solution for now. However...

    There is a bug when using middle click on a bookmarks bar subfolder, in which it is causing the current page to be added as a bookmark in the subfolder instead of instantly opening all bookmarks of the subfolder like it is supposed to. Please fix.

    [bug reported VB-49139]


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