Go back to "parent" tab in stack when a "child" is closed

  • I just started using tab stacking, usually the "parent" tab is a search, and the children are clicked links from the search.
    If I find that one of the links is not useful and close it, it would be nice if the focus would go back to the search, not to the next tab to the left of the one that was closed.

  • Moderator

    @bigmaple In Settings, Tabs, Closed Tab Activation, Enable, Activate in Recently used order.

    • On the search results page middle-click or Ctrl+click to open tabs of interest in background tabs
    • Click any tab to read it
    • Close it. Activation returns to the Search results page

  • Thank you @Pesala! At first, it seemed your solution didn't work. But after I unchecked "Always Activate Related Tab", it behaves as I expected, going back to the search screen. And it doesn't seem to matter if I close it with the main "X" at the top of the tabs stack, or the individual "X" shown at the bottom of the tab preview.

    Solved. Thank you!


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