Related Tabs on Close Tab Should Consider Child Tabs as Related

  • I searched for keywords on this issue and found no recent discussion about it, but did find a post from 2 years ago that describes Vivaldi's behavior the way I expect it. I am an user of the "Always Activate Related Tab" option and find it odd that children tabs aren't considered the most relevant related tabs when a tab has siblings. Here's an example. Let's say that from an initial tab I open tabs 1, 2, 3. These three tabs are siblings of each other and thus, related. I switch to tab 1 and from it I open tabs 1A, 1B, 1C. These tabs are all children of tab 1, and thus should be considered related to it. When I'm viewing tab 1 and close it, I'd expect to be switched to tab 1A, which has information related to its parent. But actually I'm actually moved to tab 2, skipping all the tabs I opened to its left.

    Searching the forum for past discussions I found a post that describes my expected behavior. Did it change at some point between then and now?
    @T_T08i said in How it works: Always Activate Related Tab:

    When you close an active 'parent' tab, which still has 'children', then the first 'child' tab will be opened.

    I think my expectations may not mirror what the majority prefers. I also wonder if this could be made into a legitimate feature request to Vivaldi devs.

    You guys rock. Thanks for reading so far.

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    @kantoku Convert it to a Feature Request and moved it to the appropriate forum.

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