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  • Using windows 10 and vivaldi as stand alone, having issues with Vivaldi being default browser. Asked around and I was told to delete "defaultexecute" in the registry. What is this and why is it interfering with Vivaldi being passed links from other software? It gets replaced every update and I have to go back and delete it, very annoying. Is this just a windows 10 issue? When are those plugins coming? i need my ad blocker...forgot how bad the internet really is... :ohmy:

  • @Ruili:

    Is this just a windows 10 issue?

    Yes even on standard installation, win 10 resets the default browser to Edge on every update, pretty annoying, but I doubt there's ls much the Vivaldi devs can do ATM.

    Likely this annoyance can be fixed with some policy or registry setting in win 10, but given isn't released can be a waste of time to fix something that maybe changes again.


    When are those plugins coming? i need my ad blocker…forgot how bad the internet really is... :ohmy:

    Adblock worked since the day one, but now I'm using uBlock which is better.

    Just install them normally and go to

    vivaldi://extensions to manage them.

  • OK Windows 10 10240 is out and this is considered to be a possible RTM. Vivaldi still puts a reg key in that doesn't work. I have to delete this every time Vivaldi updates. Why keep putting that reg key in if it doesn't work? It seems they keep making improvements in complicated areas , but ignore the simple things. Just remembering the window size I last used and opening full screen would be nice too…

  • Windows 10 has only been RTM'd this week (and it's not really out just yet). Have a little patience.


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