Flash glitch at Google Finance page

  • Hi devs I track stock prices at Google Finance site, as they have very convenient Flash charts. When the mouse is outside plugin area, the top left corner of chart shows currently selected period and price change over that period, whereas when mouse moves over the char, the same corner shows the price matching the position of mouse pointer. This works as it should in Chrome, but in Vivaldi when I hover and move the mouse over the chart, it behaves as if it received MouseMove event, followed by MouseLeave. In other words, it shows the current price (as it should), but only for a fraction of a second, and quickly replaces it with date range and price performance data (as if mouse had left plugin widget). I hope this will be easy to fix. Good luck!

  • Moderator

    Have you reported this through the Bug Report Tool?

  • No, I didn't see such a thing on vivaldi.net, which is why I posted it on the forum. But after your hinting I checked vivaldi.com and found it there - will report right away. Thanks!


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