Do not Jump to Minimized Tabs on Closing Tabs

  • Can the "jump to last active tab" for tab closing be modified in such a way, that minimized tabs are never considered as "last active"?

    Vivaldi already shows the suggested behaviour on tab minimizing itself: If I open 3 tabs in background and then minimize tab1, Vivaldi jumps to tab2. If I then minimize tab2 as well, tab3 gets shown. This is also called "jump to last active and perfectly fine for me :-).
    If I however minimize tab1 and then close tab2, I get thrown back to tab1 and have to manually select tab3. Obviously if I then close or minimize tab3, I am can back on tab1 - which can be pretty annoying if there are not 3, but 30 tabs open and one needs an additional click on every single tab change because one wants to keep the first one minimized for a later deep dive.

  • 4 Months in and no reaction?
    Am I the only one bothered by two options of the same name giving different results, even though both apply to the same situation (morving away from the current active tab by closing or minimizing)

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    @opera6rules You're in good company. Of 287 posts in this Tabs section, 64 have zero votes.

    I use click on tab to minimise only to switch back and forth between the current tab and another one. I rarely open a lot of tabs ā€” no more than five usually.

    • With two tabs open I click on tab 1 to view tab 2 then click on tab 1 again to view tab 1
    • With more than two tabs open I click on tab n to view it, then click on it again to view tab 1.

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