Restore Open Tabs After an Update

  • It's great that the Vivaldi developers are constantly adding new features and fixing bugs.

    To make the process of installing a new version smoother it would be nice if Vivaldi would remember what tabs are open before a restart and restore them (when possible). This would allow the user to install updates without needing to manually reestablish the prior environment.

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    This is already the case if you have Startup with set to Last Session.

    If you have any other setting for this option, it makes sense that Vivaldi loses the tabs when you restart it (although I can see the point in having an option to update without losing tabs even in this case).

    I guess the easiest workaround (other than setting Startup with to Last Session) is to save all current tabs and windows as a session (File -> Save Open Tabs as Session) and then restore that session after the update.

  • Maybe only update bug? This happens sometimes.

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    @CheechGe It is easy to save the current session before updating. File Menu, Save Session. For something that only needs doing about once in two months, it does not seem too burdensome.

    Users who open large numbers of tabs/windows this should be a routine thing that they do to protect themselves from crashes.

    0_1549667071725_Save Session.png

  • @Komposten

    I'll try your suggestion however, another solution would be to put an option in the Restart Vivaldi to apply the update so thqt the opened tabs are restored.. That would not require setting the Last Session option or to save a session as you indicated but still give the user the option to restore the opened tabs on a update restart. It would be like an autosave of the session but only for the first restart.

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