Remove the Close Button on Tab Stacks

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    Considering the newly proposed and integrated feature of automatic tab stacking in Vivaldi 2.3.1440.41, more tabs will be piled up in stacks and one common way to switch between stacked tabs would be to click on the small narrow bar (that indicates how many tabs are stacked and which one is the opened tab). This would make it risky to select the tabs that are in the close proximity of the close button since one might accidentally close the current tab.

    There is already a close button at the top of each stacked tab when you hover over the stack and view the thumbnails of the stacked tabs. therefore the tabs can be closed from the thumbnail view and there is no need for a close button on the stack itself.

    There are already various different was of closing a tab:

    1. clicking on the close button
    2. middle click on the tab
    3. right click and select "Close tab"
    4. press Ctrl+w
    5. click on the Vivaldi menu > File > Close tab

    so we can afford removing one method when it only comes to tab-stacks.

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    @m-mahmoudian Moved to Feature Requests.

    It would be an option in Settings.

  • @Pesala I don't know if I should create a new topic or i can add here one more idea about the new tab stacking. So I put it here for the time being:

    It has been 2 days that I'm using automatic tab stacking and I almost every time face a problem of switching between tabs:

    1. there is no way to switch between stacked tabs (and only stacked tab
    2. current tab switching through Ctrl+Tab goes through the order of visited, so if you have a stack and you frequently use the third tab in the stack and then you use other tabs in other stacks, when you press Ctrl+Tab you cannot easily go to adjucent tab in the same stack.

    To address both issue, I would like to suggest a solution similar to the window switcher of Gnome. with pressing CTRL+Tab the switcher is displayed and it has on item as a representative of each stack, then user can continue pressing Tab while holding Ctrl or use the arrow key to navigate (or even mouse). if the selected item is a stack, user can "enter" the Stack by pressing Enter, clicking or pressing Space while holding Ctrl and then navigate to the tab they want and press Enter, click or Ctrl+Space to finally select the tab they are after:

    Gnome window switcher:

  • @m-mahmoudian said in Remove the Close Button on Tab Stacks:

    I don't know if I should create a new topic or i can add here one more idea

    yes, one thread per feature request, so create new ones.

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