Vivaldi 2.3 introduces Auto-Stacking in Tabs, addresses the Address Field and more

  • With the new stacking features, tab stacks desperately need the ability to rearrange the order of the tabs within the stack.

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    @thx1200 This is much easier to do in the Window Panel, as it is hard to grab the little handle at the top of stacked tabs.

    Vote for Reorder Tab Stacks by Dragging Thumbnails

  • ¤ Last 2 versions got crashes from time to time (guess linked to pdf viewer).
    ¤ New version got 2 CPU cores @100% at end of the day and had to kill them to quit
    Pwz guyz ;___;

    -teh app killer

  • Opened tabs (including the pinned ones) are still lost after the update, but they can be reopened from the Closed Tabs list.

  • @MattLawrence said in Vivaldi 2.3 introduces Auto-Stacking in Tabs, addresses the Address Field and more:

    Auto-Stacking the tabs is ace and have already added frequent sites in to my search results.

    Regarding frequent sites, it's unfortunately of limited use here, since it disappears about 50% of the time once you hit the 2nd character (which isn't much!), and 100% of the time once you hit the 3rd. Not sure why, but it's usurped by other sections that easily.

  • Is it any page to view the list of (VB-xxxx) so I can know what is WIP ?

  • [Page Interaction] Focus page upon pressing Homepage button (VB-36693)

    I was glad to read that this was fixed; however, I can confirm that it is not fixed. When I open a new tab and hit Alt+Home to go to my home page, the focus remains on the address bar. e.g. if my home page is Bing, the cursor is at the end of the URL, not at the search box in the page.

    As a workaround, I had already set "Focus Page Content on New Tab"; then the focus is on the page when I hit Alt+Home. However, this means that when I open a new tab I can't type a URL as the focus is not on the address bar. As a workaround to that, I had to set my "New Tab Page" "Blank Page" instead of "Start Page"; then somehow the focus is on the address bar even with that setting, yet it is on the page when I press Alt+Tab. I am fine with using "Blank Page" as my "New Tab Page", I don't miss Speed Dial that much, except I could not find a way to make the "Blank Page" dark (it is not affected by Vivaldi theme or extensions), which is annoying.

    [Settings] Add ability to search for search engines (VB-35583)

    I don't see this in Settings, am I missing something?

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    @Ueno The bug-tracker is closed.

    You can ask in the Bug Status Thread

    Mod Edit: Link fixed to point to the (current) last post.

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    @debiedowner Type the search engine name in the search field that has focus when you open the settings tab.

    0_1549476998140_Search Search Engines.png

  • I love this browser. Keep up the great work!

  • @thx1200 Not only this (the rearrange itself would be much easier if the whole thumbnail would be the tab), but also the ability to not hide the tab stack when you close one tab of the stack (as it was in Opera Presto) so that you can work further with the rest of the tabs, the ability to middle-click the thumbnail to close a tab more efficiently etc.

    Currently I'm also forced to use the window panel to do all of that which is a shame because the window panel needs to be open all the time, the tab names are always awfully long, so this results in a pretty wide window panel area that is taking too much space of my laptop's 15.4" monitor, making my work very painful. 😞

    Please put some love on Tab Stacks, reaching at least Opera Presto's efficiency and usability!!

  • @moribund: I agree, expanding the tab stack would be great.

  • @goedl: I fully agree. It seems I had also made a comment on that thread about which behavior would be better in my opinion to avoid unpredictability and confusion. To reiterate:

    The behavior I find the most intuitive was "Open other tabs next to current one - Change opening order" on Firefox with TabMixPlus. Say I have the tabs [a][b][c][d]; [b] and [c] was opened from [a] five minutes (or an hour) ago, so they are related, but I did other things and changed tabs after that. Now if I open new tabs from [a] in succession, I would get the following:
    With Vivaldi's default option ("After related tabs"), however, I get the following:
    I find this unintuitive because in my mind [a], [b], [c] are no longer related; I don't remember which tab was opened from what previously, and there isn't any visual indication that they are grouped this way either. When I open a new tab from [a], I expect it to be next to it, so I can Ctrl+Tab to it immediately. But with the default behavior, not only it is not next to it, but I have no idea where it will end up and how many times I will have to Ctrl+Tab to reach it. Will it open after [a]? After [b]? After [c]? Were they related? Who knows?
    To imitate TabMixPlus's option, I just select the "After Active Tab" option, and click on them in the reverse order ([3],[2],[1]) to open them in the actual order I want. This is what I did on old Opera as well, however, I wish there was on option to replicate TabMixPlus's behavior on Vivaldi. I think that would be much more intuitive than the current implementation of "After related tabs". And if that option will be retained as is, I think some visual indication is necessary; e.g. I think Internet Explorer used to color tabs to indicate that they are related. In its current form, it just leads to unpredictable and confusing behavior: it is hard to guess where the new tab will end up.

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    Have I already said that I love your work guys ? No ? Well.. Perfect job once again

  • @Pesala Thank you; I was expecting a separate search box, so I was confused. I still wonder if that would be better, particularly because I think searching for passwords would also be a nice feature, and adding that to the settings search might not be ideal: as people have a lot of passwords saved, those could clutter the results when searching for a setting. It is fine in the case of search engines as people usually don't have that many of them, but if passwords are to get a separate search, maybe it would make sense for the search engines to get a separate search as well.

    (By the way, a related minor issue: as Vivaldi didn't have it yet, I managed to search in passwords via Chromium's password page: chrome://settings/passwords. When I type it, it redirects to vivaldi://settings/passwords, which is fine. However, if I then copy paste that URL to a new tab, I get Vivaldi's setting page (and not even the password settings). So then I have two pages, both seemingly with the URL vivaldi://settings/passwords, but one with the Chromium's settings and one with Vivaldi's. Not a big deal, but it is a confusing behavior in my opinion. To me, this indicates that Vivaldi doesn't actually change the Chrome internal URLs, they are still at chrome:// addresses; Vivaldi just fakes the URL to the user. I wish they didn't do that; chrome://settings and vivaldi://settings are clearly not the same, even though they have the same visible URL. Besides, there is no shame in leaving the word chrome: in pages where Vivaldi has not yet overwritten Chromium pages: after all, chrome just means the GUI parts of the browser, Firefox also has a chrome.)

    Anyway, about the bug I mentioned: I found that the statement is actually correct, pressing Homepage button does focus page content. However, pressing the home keyboard shortcut (Alt+Home) doesn't. I was assuming that they would fix both, somehow that part of the bug remained. I guess I should report it somewhere as a separate issue (unless reporting it here is enough); I don't have access to the bug tracker so I can't report it at VB-36693.

  • Yep, timely PPA repos are great, thank you! Made my day seeing vivaldi in the update manager, and then even better seeing that it was actually released today.

  • Vivaldi team, thank you! Great work! And frequent releases are very welcome!

  • Why favicons in tabs so big?

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    @Mioni They are just 18pixels here with 100% UI Zoom.

    Are you using Windows Scaling or a high UI Zoom?

  • @Pesala Other build is normal.
    The favicons gets blurred.

    Not using Windows Scaling and UI Zoom.


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