Persistent Notifications

  • @Ayespy Thank you.

    It has a video, a GIF, and full steps for it. It appears on clean Windows 10 1809 installs with clean snapshot install.

    Is there anything else I can do to help, provide more information?

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    @t0yz What is that a notification for, that you are getting? I don't have any notifications turned on (I refuse to turn any on for any site), so I don't recognize it.

    Someone who does receive notifications will just have to confirm it. Or if you tell me which one that is, I guess I can turn it on temporarily, and see what happens.

  • @Ayespy You can test it the easiest with downloads, I believe. I use notifications from Youtube, mostly for comments, but the downloads are easy to reproduce.

    I've made a new short video for it. Using the test download 5 MB small file here:

    This is the video:

    And thanks for taking a look.

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    @t0yz I can't reproduce it. I wait for the download complete notification to disappear into the notifications panel, I open the panel, clear it using the "X" button, and it is gone forever. It does not come back. I tried it with the internal test version of Vivaldi, and with the Snapshot version. This may be why it has not been confirmed backstage.

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    @t0yz I tested with 2.3.1440.41 Stable | Windows 10 x64 - Build 1809.
    I do never see a notification in Notification Center, i always get a notification on top of taskbar which disappears after a few seconds.

    Do you have special settings in Vivaldi Settings or chrome://flags?

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    Cannot reproduce either.
    Actually, I seem to have the opposite situation: If I wait for the notification popup to disappear, it seems to clear itself. It does not appear in the action centre at all. (My laptop has had a few issues since I updated to Win 10 1809 yesterday, so I'm going to blame that.)

    If I open the action centre before the popup disappears, it behaves as expected (visible in action centre, and disappears when I click on it, followed by Explorer opening the file).

    (Tested in a clean install of Vivaldi, latest version in the snapshot channel.)

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    If i open the Windows Notification Center, then download, the downloads appear for a few seconds and then are removed.
    Same as in 2.3 and older 2.2 Stable.

  • @Komposten @Gwen-Dragon @Ayespy
    First, thank you all for testing.

    • the idea is that you shouldn't have to click the X to close them, the idea is that when you click the notification, a specific action occurs. For downloads, that used to be "Open Folder" or "Open File". This has not worked in a good while now, so I don't remember exactly. I can confirm that if I click the X, they are gone though. Also the X is not always showing for me.
      For Youtube notifications, it would be "Open video page/comments". Again, now it doesn't do anything.
      I am going to install a fresh VM for 1809 from the refreshed January images, and first thing I will install the last Snapshot and report back. Just to guarantee nothing else is interefering, although I am not using anything that affects the OS, I don't even have other antivirus other than Defender.
    • the notifications should also stay in the Action Center until clicked/cleared/closed. If for some of you they automatically disappear, it's not working correctly either
    • the only flag I have enabled is Password Import. I do suspect that other flags which had to be enabled in the past could automatically enable or disable depending on OS. For example, "Enable Native Notifications" now defaults to Enabled for me, and so seems to be "New Style Notifications". Can't tell for sure, but it would be great if I could. In the past I had to manually enable these, now they're at Default and work the same.
      For reference, OS version is: 17763.292

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    @t0yz said in Persistent Notifications:

    For example, "Enable Native Notifications" now defaults to Enabled for me, and so seems to be "New Style Notifications".

    Reset them to default.

  • @Gwen-Dragon They are at Default. But from past behavior, I know they are enabled.

    • when Disabled, I would get Chrome notifications, not Action Center
    • when Enabled or Default, I get Action Center notifications, which is good, this is what I want.
    • as I said, the only flag that has a manual setting is Password Import.
      Edit: on a VM, with default Vivaldi installation for one user (I typically use for all users), I don't like the only one user install path, the download notifications behaves like it has for others, it appears temporarily, and then it disappears by itself. This should not happen. Also, when clicked, it opens the folder, which is like things should be.
      Gonna do a bit more digging.

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    Tested on a second system:

    1. After the popup notification disappears it is still in Action Centre, but the action centre icon (bottom right) does not show a 1 (to indicate that there is a notification).
    2. Clicking on the notification in the Action Centre does not open the downloaded file. However, it does remove the notification.
    3. If I open and close the Action Centre, the notification is removed automatically (which should not be the case).

    So yeah, it seems like notifications work differently on different systems (even with the same OS version, extensions and mods).

  • @Komposten I've uninstalled Vivaldi here (was a clean snapshot from maybe a month ago at most that got updated 4-5 times), deleted all remains that I could find, and reinstalled the last snapshot.

    • now I get the same behavior with the download notifications as with the VM, i.e. I can click on the notification when it pops up, and it opens the folder. This is good and how it should work. If I let the notification "go" in the Action Center and try to click it there, I only get a few seconds before it disappears by itself. This is not good and shouldn't happen. Notifications should persist until clicked or removed through the Close.
    • the more interesting part is seeing how the browser will deal with Youtube notifications, which got modified by YT a few weeks ago. Ideally it should at least open the video page, even better go to the specific comment/event (it used to do this).

    Gonna report back once I get one of those. Interesting part is that I got rid of the persisting notifications that had to be cleared manually, at least for downloads, but now they disappear by themselves. I assume some of the snapshot updates didn't go well.

    Edit: Youtube notifications don't do anything when clicked, but now at least they disappear. It should at least open the YT page.

    So notifications do seem kinda inconsistent and broken. I wonder what should I do with the initial bug report or if I should file a different bug report.

    2nd Edit: clicking a Youtube new video popup (not in Action Center) actually opened the video. This is good, also notification seems gone.

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    @t0yz Please reply to the report mail of VB-48316 to add more information in bug tracker for this bug.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    Gonna give it a few more days so I get more notifications. I have reinstalled Windows 10 cleanly yesterday, and now even Youtube notifications seem to work, I got the comment page opening for 2 times. Vivaldi window seems to need to be on focus/maximized for it to happen, because when it was minimized nothing happened. I'll try to see if I can get past these inconsistencies and reply there with more info (and link to this thread).


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