Full screen Movie issue (YouTube, Vimeo, and so on)

  • I use Vivladi for Mac (ver. on OS X Yosemite (ver.10.10.3). When I changed the size (regular → full screen → regular) of Flash movie in YouTube and Vimeo on OS X full screen mode, all UI (addressbar, panel, tab, and so on) of Vivaldi disappear! And When I changed the size (regular → full screen) of Flash movie in YouTube and Vimeo on default Window mode (not OS X full screen mode), Vivaldi become OS X full screen mode! In other video site (Gyao! and Dailymotion), When I changed the size (regular → full screen → regular) of Flash movie on OS X full screen mode, UI of Vivaldi didn't disappear. But sometimes the motion of Vivaldi is strange! Incidentally, I use two latest version Flash Players. NPAPI and PPAPI 18.0 r0 (ver. P.S.(2016/03/15) This issue happen in HTML 5 veideo website now! So, I changed the title of this topic. ・"Full screen [b]Flash[/b] Movie issue (YouTube, Vimeo, and so on)" → "Full screen Movie issue (YouTube, Vimeo, and so on)"

  • Same here. Plus, on facebook, youtube videos wont appear in fullscreen mode. I must always open the video on the youtube page.

  • Twitter official video, too. When I changed the size of this video in Twitter on OS X full screen mode, all UI disappear!

  • also if you use cmd + t to open a new tab in while in a flash object you open 2 tabs

    ty for your work vivaldi team :D

  • Same here. I think this was already reported several times. But in my case it only happens on facebook with YouTube embedded videos. The browser goes fullscreen but not the video itself.

  • I do have a temporary solution:
    On mac if you move your cursor to the top of the screen it brings up the menu bar,
    on that click view, then exit fullscreen

  • This issue still happen on Beta 3 (1.0.403.24). :(

  • On snapshot 1.0.418.3 and still, going full screen in any video anywhere (youtube, kissanime, etc.) , no matter the preexisting circumstances (of already full screen or not), toggles the browser full screen instead of the video itself; in other words, UI and everything else still appears when I want to view a video in full screen. This bug has never gone away for me. Videos still use a lot of resources, and more often than not makes my battery run hot.

  • I think this issue happen in HTML 5 veideo website now. Because YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Vimeo use HTML 5 video tag. not use Flash video. And in Flash video website (ex. Gyao! and Hulu .jp), this issue don't happen.

    Incidentally, I use Vivaldi 1.0.420.4 on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.3. And I use Flash player (NPAPI & PPAPI).


    Hulu .jp

  • I confirmed this issue was happened on Vivaldi 1.0.435.29. I think this issue should be fixed until Vivaldi Stable 1.0 is released, because this issue discourage many user from continuing to use Vivaldi. :(

  • I confirmed this issue was happened on Vivaldi Stable 1.0(1.0.435.38).

  • I temporarily changed the way how to watch YouTube videos to Flash player from HTML 5 by this extension. So, I can watch YouTube full screen videos without disappearing all UI of Vivaldi.

    Disable Youtube™ HTML5 Player:Chrome Web Store

    But I hope this issue will be fixed soon. Because I think various issues will be found in Flash player.

  • Someone wrote the comment about this issue in my blog. He (or She) said "This YouTube fullscreen issue happen on Windows, too.".

    My Blog↓↓

  • I didnt now this issue was almost 1 year old! I have same issue.

    Ive also created a Help Topic here:


  • Vivaldi Team

    We want to solve this but none of us have not been able to reproduce it on any of our machines :(
    Could you please help us with exact steps you follow from activating full screen to exit full screen?
    There are multiple ways to do it and we suspect the issues happens in a certain combination plus timing of certain event.


  • This issue happen under these conditions.

    1. OS X Full screen mode
    2. HTML 5 video
    3. When you disable video full screen mode, click disable button of video.

    I made the video recording this issue.↓↓

    And I use Vivaldi Stabel 1.2.490.39 & Snapshot 1.3.501.6 on OS X El Capitan 10.11.5.

  • I updated to Snapshot 1.3.551.21, I confirmed that this issue was fixed!! I waited this time for a long time!! I'm happy!

    Incidentally, this issue was fixed not only YouTube. On Vimeo, Twitter, and Dailymotion, this issue didn't happen!

    I use Vivaldi Snapshot on Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6.

    Snapshot 1.3.551.21 - Notes fixes:Vivaldi official Blog

  • Thank you very much for fixing this issue!

    Now if Team Vivaldi could fix Full Screen in Mac issue when I place mouse in the top toolbar, the Vivaldi toolbar drops down and covers tabs.

    To be clear, I expect the Vivaldi toolbar (file, edit, view, tools, window, help) to drop down and simultaneously appear with the Vivaldi tabs bar when mouse is in that area so that the tabs are always visible (like Opera, FF, Chromium, etc).

    Mac Full Screen file/edit/view/tools/window/help bar covering tabs bar issue here:


  • To fix this issue, I have searched online and tried different methods. Generally, you can fix this problems by updating video card driver, browser , Adobe flash player or disable plug-ins to fix that. [Deleted link] provides the good tips . Maybe you can try it .

    Edited by Moderator: Removed link promoting Windows software product

  • @Labsoneywo This issue was fixed one year ago. So, I don't understand why you wrote this comment. :sweat_smile:

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