macOS standard edit menu options

  • How do I spell check in Vivaldi.

    I highlight a word and there are no spelling options in the right click menu or in the Edit menu(as per Apple defaults)

  • This only works in input fields as far as I know. When you spell a word supposedly wrong a red underline appears, then you can right click and get suggestions in the menu.

  • Sort of but not complete.

    Vivaldi now gives a list of possible corrections a dividing line then Add to Dictionary

    macOS gives the list of spellings a dividing line then ignore Spelling and Learn Spelling and then latr in the menu the Spelling and Grammar submenu.

    These latter are part of the standard macOS set up and require work to remove - they have been there for 25 year in NeXT and the basic Hello World GUI framework

    Is the Dictionary Vivaldi uses the standard macOS one?

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    @bestlem Vivaldi uses the Hunspell dictionaries.

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    @bestlem Vivaldi is actually a cross-platform application. It uses the macOS platform dictionaries for spell checking but its platform integration with macOS is incomplete and it's still missing some of the functionality that you would expect to find in a true native application.


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